Saquella Bar Italia Espresso bag of coffee beans

Saquella Bar Italia Espresso beans

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Saquella Caffè Bar Italia Espresso

  • City/town - Pescara
  • Region of Italy - Abruzzo
  • Roast - Medium 
  • Mix - 100% arabica
  • Type - Whole beans
  • Size - 2.2 lb/1K bag

We say:

This was a brand we stumbled upon that we decided we had to offer.  Our goal of having coffee from every region hasn't yet been realized so let's say hello to Abruzzo!  A family run business since 1856, Saquella Caffè has five generations of coffee know-how behind them so we were excited to have found them.  As always, let us know what you think!

Saquella says:

An excellent blend with the best varieties of Arabica coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras. At the palate is soft and slightly sour with a delicate aftertaste. The in-cup result is dense and creamy.


Creamy texture


Aromatic, fragrant, creamy with a little sourness


Intense and deep

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