Sant'Eustachio ground  Italian coffee in a yellow tin with red writing
Sant'Eustachio Italian coffee shop in Rome Italy

Sant'Eustachio il caffè Moka GROUND

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Sant'Eustachio il caffè moka

  • City/town - Roma
  • Region of Italy - Lazio
  • History - since 1938
  • Mix - 100% arabica
  • Type - ground coffee
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250g tin

We say:

When you google Sant'Eustachio, all roads not only lead to Rome but to the 2002 NYT article by William Grimes in which he famously wrote:  "When the need for a real espresso becomes overpowering, buy a ticket to Rome, tell the taxi driver to head straight for the Sant'Eustachio cafe. The espresso will be perfect. A little expensive, but surely worth the trouble." 

🎤 Mic drop...

Sant'Eustachio says:

Beans: perfect for coffee lovers who have a grinder at home

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

Since 1938, we have always strived to maintain a very high quality and standard. The blend is the result of ongoing and continuous research.

The coffee used in today’s blend is 100% Arabica only, imported directly from cooperatives in Brazil, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, and the islands of St. Elena and the Galapagos. 

Once in Italy, the coffee is wood roasted with a gentle and delicate method in order to protect the sweetness. 

Our caffeine levels are just 1,18% , so low, meaning that you can enjoy anytime!


Sant’Eustachio il Caffè is a cafè which roasts its superior quality, cooperative and sustainability farmed beans on premise.  It opened in 1938 on the site of another café called “Caffè e Latte” which means Coffee and Milk.  It is located in Piazza Sant’Eustachio – between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, in the heart of historic Rome.  When it opened in 1938, at the time it seemed extremely modern – thanks to its new, innovative furnishings.

The caffè has been owned since 1999 by the Ricci brothers – Raimondo and Roberto. They have kept up the tradition of serving the highest quality product to all their customers.

The blend that they use is a mixture of organic and fair-trade coffee beans, 100% Arabica which they import directly from small cooperatives in South America

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