Mokaflor coffee beans from Florence Italy in a black bag with silver writing
Mokaflor image explaining the taste of the Nero blend which looks like a spiders web

Mokaflor Nero BEANS

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Mokaflor Nero

  • City/town - Firenze
  • Region of Italy - Toscana
  • History - since 1950
  • Mix - 100% arabica
  • Type - whole beans
  • Size - 2.2 lb/1K bag

Mokaflor says:


A delicate blend with a high quality profile which harmonizes the fineness and the aromatic quality of the Central American Arabica washed in the high plains with the natural full body of the Santos Arabica. When tasted, this blend reveals a pleasant note of freshness and a chocolatey sensation.


The result in a espresso extraction at 93°C of 25 ml in 26 seconds and with an average degassing of 60 hours, is a hazelnut coloured cream with marked nuances. The Mokaflor Nero Blend has a balanced acidity thanks to the high percentage of African coffees, though there is still a balance between sweetness and bitterness. Scents of cardamom, vanilla and tobacco.


The Mokaflor roasting company was founded in the 1950s in the heart of Florence, behind Piazza della Signoria by Vasco Bernini. From a small shop, the company has evolved and expanded to being today in the third generation of the Bernini family.

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