Kimbo Espresso Italiano decaffeinato tin in brown and blue

Kimbo Espresso Italiano Decaffeinato Tin GROUND

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Kimbo Espresso Italiano Decaffeinato

  • City/town - Napoli
  • Region of Italy - Campania
  • History - since 1963
  • Roast - medium to dark
  • Mix - 85% arabica, 15% robusta
  • Type - ground coffee
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250g tin

We say:

We discovered Kimbo when we were having dessert at Ribalta (the best place in NYC to get authentic Neapolitan pizza).  It was love at first sip!  This is a great option for that late afternoon or evening caffè if you love the taste but don't want to disturb your nighttime sleep.

Kimbo says:

Espresso Decaffeinato is an excellent decaffeinated medium to dark roast.
An advanced extraction process deprives the caffeine mixture, maintaining its sensory characteristics, the intense creaminess and the penetrating aroma typical of freshly roasted coffee.

Kimbo's sensory profile with a scale of 0-6:

  • 6 - Intensity
  • 5- Richness
  • 5 - Sweetness
  • 6 - Length
  • 5 - Body

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