Ionia double pack GROUND

Ionia double pack GROUND

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Ionia il Caffè 

  • City/town - Santa Venerina
  • Region of Italy - Sicilia
  • History - since 1960
  • Roast - medium 
  • Mix - 50% arabica, 50% robusta
  • Type - ground coffee
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250g brick x 2 (double pack)

Ionia says:

Strong like Etna, aromatic like lupin. Sicilian coffee isn’t just a delicious break. It’s a multisensory universe brimming with all the warmth and aroma of the island. We want to convey the “know-how” typical of Sicilians, our penchant for hospitality, our attention to detail, the authenticity of our every action, the generous and flavorful traditions of our cuisine, the structure of an expertly designed product . A Sicilian espresso coffee is the essence of a land of contrasts. A Sicilian espresso coffee is strong and delicate, robust and aromatic: at every moment of the day, the right break is the one that not only gives you energy, but also, we think, well-being and peace.

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