Alessi La Cupola moka pot
Alessi La Cupola stovetop espresso maker surrounded by a pie, cup of coffee, cookbooks etc.
Alessi La Cupola stovetop espresso maker next to a donut
Alessi La Cupola stovetop espresso maker sketch
Alessi La Cupola stovetop espresso maker on top of a rock with a moon in the distance

Alessi - La Cupola

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Alessi La Cupola

      • Item - moka pot (aka stovetop espresso maker or caffettiera)
      • Material - aluminum with handle and knob in black thermoplastic resin
      • Color - silver
      • Sizes - 6 cup
      • Designer - Aldo Rossi
      • Manufactured in - China

      We say:

      We love how the shape of La Cupola, is, in fact, a cupola or small dome (go figure).  In the sketch image, you can see the influence of the many cupole found in Italian design like the Pantheon in Rome or Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

      Alessi says:

      La Cupola, with its elegant and timeless design, is the coffee maker designed by Aldo Rossi, which demonstrates the ability of this designer to tune in with the tastes of the public, typical of great designers. A coffee moka for everyone, in a nice aluminium that warms the Italian coffee taste.

      Designed in 1988 by Aldo Rossi, La Cupola was created from the desire of the designer to create a coffee pot easily available for everyone, thus gaining a lot of public success. Made of aluminium casting with plastic handles and knobs, this coffee maker is a small table architecture with a dome-shaped top, functional and at the same time beautiful to see. An icon of contemporary industrial design, with which one can prepare and serve a great coffee.



      Aldo Rossi

      Born in Milan (1931-1997), he is considered by many to be the greatest Italian architect of the second half of the 20th century. His life as an architect started with Gardella and Zanuso. An author of abstraction, reduction and brevitas, his severe language of primary shapes, geometrical patterns and silent evocation created some of the most intensely poetic works of architecture and design in his age.

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