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Altare della Patria

Our history with Italian coffee goes back a few years and during that time we've made all the mistakes possible!  We received a Moka pot as a gift and managed to break it after the first use because we paid no attention to the direction not to twist it by the handle. We've learned why the pressure valve is important when making stove-top espresso. We've learned why Italian baristas looked at us knowingly when we order cappuccino after lunch. We've stared confusingly at an unrequested glass of water provided by the barista in various parts of the country.

Our Italian travels have deepened our love of espresso, not just the drink itself, but more importantly the culture around it that you find in Italy.  Popping into a bar in the early morning, late morning, before and after lunch or whenever you need a boost and some chiacchierata (a chat). The process of going to the register to order and pay the reasonable price, then heading to the counter with the receipt for the barista, standing there to drink it. Perfetto!

We plan this site to be more than a place to buy stovetop espresso makers and hard to find coffee (although if that’s all you want to do, go for it!).  Together we will create a community of like-minded Italophiles, travelers, former expats, espresso lovers as well as those who either want to reminisce about their magical Italian experiences or prepare for a new adventure.

We'll also be blogging about new coffees, coffee makers, Italian travel, Italian food...the list goes on.  

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Adrianna & Beppe


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