ILSA Neapolitan stove-top drip coffee maker.

Ilsa - Classic Neapolitan (Napoletana)

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Ilsa Neapolitan (or Napoletana)

  • Flip pot (stovetop coffee maker)
  • Available in 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 cup
  • Aluminum

We say:

This Italian coffee maker doesn't use the pressure of steam to force the water through the coffee, instead it relies on gravity once the pot is flipped (the water filters or drips through the coffee in the basket).  It's named after Naples due to its popularity there.  This one takes a few go rounds before you master the art of the flip...we're still learning!

Ilsa says:

Watch the video instructions (but we think the video from LavAzza is a little more clear).

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