Gnali & Zani Kicco Bibita Set of 6 Tall Drink Spoons in a black box with 2 spoons out of the box next to it
Gnali & Zani Kicco Bibita Tall Drink Spoons with one spoon pictured unboxed on a clear background

Kicco Bibita Tall Drink Spoons- Set of 6

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Gnali & Zani Kicco Bibita Tall Drink Spoons

  • Set of 6
  • They measure approximately 7.5"

We say:

Although these aren't designed for espresso or cappuccino cups, we had to offer them as a tall spoon has so many uses.  We find ourselves reaching for these constantly in the kitchen:  spooning coffee out of the bag or can, getting the last bit of jam out of the jar, mixing a glass of iced coffee...the list goes on.

If you order them, let us know if you agree!

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