Front view of black can of Pellini Top written in white with Espresso and Arabica 100% written in red
Back view of can of Pellini Top Arabica
Side view of black can of Pellini Top espresso with text indicating it is a product of Italy

Pellini Top Espresso

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Pellini Top - ground coffee - 8.8 oz/250g can

  • Verona, Italy
  • Medium Roast
  • Suitable for all coffee makers
  • 100% Arabica

We say:

We discovered this brand through an importer and loved expanding our offerings with an option from Verona!

Pellini says:

Sophisticated aroma, sweet and delicate but clear flavor, like a real espresso coffee. To be appreciated especially without adding sugar.

About the company:  Born from the historical passion of the Pellini family and the excellence of Italian espresso coffee. Superior coffee blends, for aroma and taste, have been developed for the increasingly aware and international consumers.
A brand that is synonymous with high specialisation and distinctiveness in the world of coffee. A company that has grown by investing in quality, thus satisfying millions of customers who are interested in its coffee for the unique and distinctive aroma.
Pellini espresso coffee is appreciated both by the best coffee bars and Italian families: it is what turns a coffee break into a dream experience.


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