Caffe Trombetta Oro package with no background 250g
Caffè Trombetta Oro
Caffè Trombetta Oro

Caffè Trombetta Oro

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Caffè Trombetta Oro- ground coffee - 8.8 oz/250g brick

  • Rome, Italy
  • Medium Roast
  • Ground espresso
  • Blend of arabica and robusto

We say:

We discovered this brand through an importer and after tasting it, decided we had to add it to our offerings.  We just visited the original location close to Rome's train station on our most recent trip (Nov, 2019)...history lives in Rome!

Caffè Trombetta says:

A blend selected from the finest quality coffees. It has a rich taste and a fine, intense aroma.


1890: Caffè Trombetta was created by Vittorio Trombetta; those were the early years of a unified Italy where railways were the main transportation. Vittorio Trombetta decided to open his business in Via Marsala, near the Termini train Station, the most important arrival point of travelers, in order to provide a welcome for those arriving in Italy’s Capital: the chance to enjoy a tasty and excellent coffee prepared according to the best Italian traditions. Today, at the very same historic location, you can still stop by and have a taste of excellent espresso, and even purchase the best coffee blends of Caffè Trombetta.

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