Caffè Del Doge Italian Coffee
A package of Caffe Del Doge Rosso standing up in front of a burlap bag with their logo and an espresso cup full of coffee beans
Caffe Del Doge Logo that has the name in red beside a drawing of a man with a traditional red hat of a doge
yellow cup with caffe del doge logo on it, sitting on the stone railing of a bridge over a canal in venice italy
Caffè Del Doge Italian Coffee

Caffè del Doge Rosso

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Caffè del Doge Rosso - ground Italian coffee - 8.8 oz/250g brick

  • Venice, Italy
  • Medium Roast
  • All purpose grind
  • 100% arabica

We say:

This is another discovery from the Trieste Espresso Expo.  Our love of Venice made us seek out their booth and once we tasted it, we were hooked!  When we make it at home in our moka pot, we feel transported back to the canals and the rocking feeling that lingers after a day riding the vaporettiWe find it a medium+ blend with notes of chocolate. 

And although we don't currently carry the espresso cups you'll see in the last picture, let us know if we should!

Caffè del Doge says:

Simple in its composition, Doge Rosso offers grand aromas and low acidity. A blend composed of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and India, each origin is roasted separately and then “cold-blended” as dictated by the Venetian tradition. Each of the four origins is associated with the name of  the plantation or the individual grower. The direct and exclusive importation allows for complete authenticity as the beans can be traced back to their origins. The aromas and flavours of each single origin are noted in each cup.

The Doge was the chief of the Supreme Court of the Venice Republic. He was established in 697 and lasted until the fall of the Republic on 12 May 1797. For more than 1,100 years, Venice had 120 Doges. The most representative symbol of the Doge of Venice is his peculiar crown: the Doge’s horn.  The horn was a garment of Byzantine origin embellished with gems, pearls and gold. It was hand-stitched by the nuns of San Zaccaria and offered to the Doge in his Easter visit to the church. The Caffè del Doge logo is inspired by this important figure and our logo represents a stylized profile figure wearing doge horn.

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