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External of Ristorante Da Dante in Rome, Italy

Ristorante da Dante

Dining in Rome, Parte Due!

In a previous post, I had described how a friend and local recommended a couple of restaurants and the selling points were the affordability and quality. These places are definitely NOT touristy, they are populated by locals and you'll probably need at least a basic level of 'Tourist' Italian language skills. You can certainly go to these places only speaking English, and I'm certain you will enjoy the experience, but don't be surprised if you confuse polpette and polpo, or figo and figa! 

Ristorante Da Dante

Spigot for vino sfuso in Ristorante Da Dante in Rome, Italy

The Magic Happens Here

 As mentioned previously, I Love Vino Sfuso! I haven't seen how the restaurants fill the carafes when you order the Vino della Casa, so in my mind I have an image of a large wooden barrel, which I know is probably not correct. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I noticed this spigot poking out of the cabinet. Now I knew the secret source of this delicious wine!

The other part that caught me a bit off-guard was that the bread was hand-sliced. I'm so used to bread in restaurants having been run through the slicing machine, perfectly even, that I thought it might have been broken. It wasn't. That's how they roll!


Sliced meats, olives and pickled vegetables at Ristorante da Dante in Rome, Italy.


After tucking into the wine and bread, I was greeted with my antipasto. I was dining alone, and while I believe I ordered the antipasto for two, I tore through that wooden paddle topped with sliced meats, olives and pickled vegetables like I hadn't eaten for days. It was delicious, perfectly portioned (for two?) and paired well with my wine.

Primo Piatto

Penne pasta all'Amatriciana at Ristorante da Dante in Rome, Italy.

Classics Never Go Out Of Style

I LOVE traditionally Roman pasta dishes, and while in the future I could try some secondi, I have not yet reached my limit of pasta (and I might never) so this evening I was treated to a delicious Penne all'Amatriciana. I grew up eating overcooked pasta, so it's always a treat to enjoy perfectly cooked, al dente, pasta dishes. This dish was tangy, acidic and slightly spicy, and I savored every fork full!


My slight, un-diagnosed, OCD kicked up again when I saw Panna Cotta available for the dessert. I never order it at home, but a couple years ago we enjoyed a bowl so much that now whenever I see it on the menu, I will order it. Additionally, I've also been trying to enjoy more pistacchio (in my gelati, on my cannoli), so when I saw this was panna cotta with pistacchio, how could I resist? (Hint: I didn't) 

Panna Cotta with Pistacchio at Ristorante da Dante in Rome, Italy.

As Delicious As It Looks!


Espresso at Ristorante da Dante in Rome, Italy.

The End!

Come di solito, I ended my meal with an espresso. My 'go-to' caffeine fix is a macchiato, but I was reminded that milk in the evening is bad, so it's espresso now after dinner.

Consistent with the other recommended restaurants, I expected to get a great meal for around €30, and I was not disappointed. It was delicious and I highly recommend that you check it out, especially if you are (or could be) near the Lepanto Metro stop.

A Presto!

- Beppe


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