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Sorbillo - Gino only, not any of the other ones you see around town with different first names.  There are 3 locations, we went to the one along the bay, not far from our hotel (Lungomare di Napoli).

  • Starter - salad (with tuna filet, olives, and tomatoes)
  • I had pesto, cherry tomatoes and smoked mozzarella
  • Beppe had the margherita

Salad was amazing and the pizza was a homerun.  Probably why they've opened locations outside of Italy (NYC with planned openings in Miami, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi). Beppe loved the sauce in particular...said it had a slightly smoky taste.

Service was not great, atmosphere a little on the bright side so you won't want to linger but that's ok as the pizza is good and it's right on the water.  Walk along the waterfront past the Castel dell'Ovo on your way home!

Sorry about this terrible pic, the lighting was horrible in there!

Gino Sorbillo pizza in naples italy


L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele - people know this place from Eat, Pray, Love but ignore that small piece of its notoriety in order to savor what's really great about this place.

Only two options, margherita and marinara (no cheese).  We both had the margherita. Gets busy quickly after opening so be prepared to get there early or wait but it's worth it (talk to the person at the cash register and you'll get a number, wait outside for it to be called).  No wine but drink options include beer, soda and water.

Ok folks, the pizza was truly amazing.  Light, warm, inviting...dough to die for.  It's a classic for a reason so just put it on the list!

There's now one open in LA (this location also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with many more options than the Naples location) so if you're in that area, it may be worth a try.

pizzeria da michele in naples italy

front door view of pizzeria da michele in naples italy with people waiting to get in

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